Allow Empty Dataview (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Allow Empty Dataview (Magic xpa 2.x)

The Allow Empty Dataview property provides the ability to stay on a current task (without terminating it), when running a task with a Main Source whose data view has no records.

This property is available for an Online task or Rich Client task that is in Query or Modify mode and has a Main Source.

Note: In Rich Client tasks, if a subform is in Empty Dataview, then you cannot reach it. Click here to see a technical note on this subject.

If all of the above conditions are met, and the property is set to Yes, the following will occur:

  • The task mode will not be changed.

  • All of the controls from any of the data view sources (including variables with the Part Of Dataview property set as Yes) will not be parkable.

  • The value of those variables will be the same as in the Task Prefix.

  • The Init value of those variables will be ignored, meaning that the init will be performed only on variables that are set as not “Part Of Dataview”.

  • If there is a parkable control on the form, then the cursor will be placed on it. Otherwise, the cursor will not park on any control.

  • The Record Suffix and Record Prefix logic will not be executed.

  • Links will not be executed.

  • The Empty Dataview event will be raised (so the user can implement logic).

  • Events, such as Next Line, will behave as they do in Query mode where the data view has only one record.

  • Tree controls will not be parkable, but they will be drawn and their context menus will be available (and work).

  • Table controls will not have a Highlight Row.

If No is selected, a task will be in Create mode when no records are found.

You can also zoom and set an expression for this property. Since version: 2.4b

This property is enabled for tasks with the RM Compatible logic unit. Since version: 2.4b

Note: If an Online task running in a Subform control cannot be executed, the subform will close (and not the entire program, as in previous versions). Since version: 2.4c

Relevant interfaces: Disabled in non-interactive Rich Client tasks

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