Browser Status Text Change (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Browser Status Text Change (Magic xpa 2.x)

This event is raised when the status bar text of the Browser control changes. This event lets the engine react according to changes made to the browser status bar.

This is useful for communicating with the control. A JavaScript function can write data to the status bar of the control, and this data will be seen by the event.

When declaring a handler for this event, if the user approves the confirmation, a new parameter is created with the following properties:

  • Parameter Name – “Status Text”

  • Attribute – Blob with Content type: Unicode

In Runtime mode, the event is raised automatically when there is a change in the Status Text of the Browser Form Control.

The External Event is an alternative to the Browser Status Text Change event, which is blocked by default in Internet Explorer 7.

No default Keyboard Mapping.

Platform specific: This internal event is not supported for mobile devices.


This internal event is only supported for Rich Client tasks.