DBMS Settings (Magic xpa 2.x)

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DBMS Settings (Magic xpa 2.x)

The DBMS repository lists all the DBMSs that are supported by Magic xpa. Each DBMS entry includes several properties that describe to Magic xpa, the key characteristics of that DBMS. Information included in the DBMS repository, as opposed to the Database repository, is generic to the DBMS type and not specific to the database based on that DBMS.

The DBMS repository includes the following columns:




The DBMS identifier (#) used in the project. Magic xpa sets this column automatically.


The name of the DBMS. The name can be modified, except in the XML File entry.


If the underlying DBMS supports NULL values and the Magic xpa applications are to attach to files with NULL values, set this property to Yes. Use the No setting if the DBMS does not support NULL values, or if the DBMS supports NULL values, but that support is not required in Magic xpa.

This property controls the default behavior of the Magic xpa Studio when creating new variables or types. When this property is set to Yes, all columns or field models are created with 'Allow Null=Yes'. If the property is set to No, then all variables or types are created with 'Allow Null=No'.

If this property is set to Yes, the SQL gateway creates nullable columns when issuing the CREATE TABLE statement. It is advisable to set the Nulls setting to No.


Contains customization information that is transferred to the RDBMS at runtime.

An example for an Oracle RDBMS: ALPHA_DATE=Y

This column stores a date value as a string in the database.


When the Table Definition is uploaded from the DBMS repository (when using the Get Definition utility), most of the variables can be matched into Magic xpa attributes with proper pictures. However, in the case of floating point data types, it is not possible to tell what the picture of the resulting Magic xpa attribute should be. The Default Float Picture setting provides a default picture template that will be used for all floating point data type definitions uploaded into Magic xpa Model and Data repositories. A sample value is 10.3.

In the DBMS repository, there is an entry called XML File. You cannot delete this entry and you cannot add other entries with the same name.

A Magic xpa database gateway product must be loaded prior to loading Magic xpa in order to provide the physical access to any database of any of the specific DBMS types. The database provides an interface for Magic xpa with its underlying Database Management Systems. For example, in order to access Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases, Magic xpa needs the Magic xpa database gateways for Microsoft SQL and Oracle to be loaded before Magic xpa is itself loaded.

Magic xpa supports both the Pervasive SQL.2000 I-SAM engine (through Magic xpa’s Btrieve Gateway) and the SQL engine (via the Magic xpa ODBC gateway).

The DBMS repository is the basis for the DBMS list used to associate a project file or a data file with a DBMS type. Only those DBMSs for which the proper Magic xpa database gateway modules have been loaded prior to loading Magic xpa will appear in the DBMS list.

DBMS repository information is contained in the [MAGIC_DBMS] section of the Magic.ini file.

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