Data Refresh Events (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Data Refresh Events (Magic xpa 2.x)

The table below presents the various internal events available for refreshing data.

Event Name


Default Keyboard Mapping

Samples Projects

Record Flush

Forces writing of the current record to the database. See also Record Flush.

SQ05, DV20,
RSQ05, RDV20

Screen Refresh

Re-reads the data of the visible records. The Runtime engine completely exits the current record, and re-fetches all records according to their positions displayed on the screen. The cursor remains on the current record.

This event is currently not supported for local data sources.

DV19, RDV19

Subform Refresh

Performs a view refresh on a subform task. This is useful for example to refresh the subform when the Automatic Refresh property is set to No or when no task value has changed as to cause the runtime engine to refresh the subform. See also Subform Refresh.

SB02, RSB02

View Refresh

Reevaluates the Range/Sort and re-reads the data view according to the new range. See also View Refresh.

DV18, RDV18

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