Headers - Invoke Web Service (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Headers - Invoke Web Service (Magic xpa 2.x)

You can select a variable for the Headers property, which allows the passing of any number of header blocks to the provider (in the request), and receives all header blocks passed from the provider (in the response).

The content of the Headers property is an XML document with a root element named EDEV_SOAP_HEADERS. This XML document should contain one or more header blocks.

You can zoom from this optional property to the Variable list, which includes Blob, Alpha, and Unicode variables of the current task, its parent tasks, and the Main program.

Deployment Considerations

If the property is left empty or if the variable is Null, no headers will be passed.

If the property was selected and it is not Null and the name of the XML root element does not match the name EDEV_SOAP_HEADERS, a Client fault will be returned.

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