Invoke Web Service (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Invoke Web Service (Magic xpa 2.x)

Invoke Web Service lets you call a Web Service using an external product: Systinet Server for Java (SSJ).

When you select the Invoke Web S (Service) operation, you select a service that has been defined in the Service repository as a SOAP type. Zoom from the space to the right of Web S to open the Web Service dialog box, where you can define the properties.

The Systinet Server Java (SSJ) product has many advantages, such as WS-security. However, Java and SSJ must always be installed, even on the client side. If you do not need the functionalities of SSJ and want to avoid unnecessary installations, then you can use the Invoke Web Service Lite operation (Since version: 1.8 SP1).


  • A Magic xpa array cannot be automatically converted into a complex type of an Invoke Web Service, nor can it be returned as a complex type when Magic xpa serves as a Web service provider.

  • When consuming a Web service, commented lines in the XML response are automatically removed. This is the definition, because comments are not part of the data structure (they are not defined in the schema). Therefore, the XML parser ignores them. Using the commented lines can be achieved by including them in an element instead of commenting them.

The Magic xpa Single User Edition does not support the Invoke Web Service operation.


The Web Service properties (Alt+Enter) are:

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