MySQL (Magic xpi 4.6)

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MySQL (Magic xpi 4.6)

If you are using a MySQL data source as your Magic xpi internal database, you must select MySQL from the database selection screen. When you click Next, the Database Support screen opens.

In the ODBC field, enter the name of the ODBC data source driver for your database. Magic xpi reads the data using the ODBC protocol.

The ODBC data source driver is configured in the Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator. If you have not configured your system to work with the driver you are using, you must first set this up. For information on how to configure a MySQL database and an ODBC data source driver, see the Readme.txt file that is located at: <Magic xpi installation>\db


The MySQL database is not created during the installation process. It must be created (previously) manually.

If you are using the MySQL database, make sure that the database supports UTF8. You do this by going to the MySQL Workbench's Navigator pane. Find the schema you are using, such as mgxpi4_1, and set the Collation property to utf8 - default collation.

Click Next to proceed to the Summary screen.