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Option (Magic xpa 3.x)

The Option property sets the program's function. The available options are:


When you are developing an application, it’s often useful to be able to quickly take a look at the data you are working with. This option is the default and runs (Execute mode) or generates (Generate mode) programs designed for online data entry and maintenance. From the resulting browser you can use the runtime Locate and Range utilities to easily find specific records. You can also add, delete, and edit records, and other options, which you can see on the pulldown menu.

This is the only option available for XML data sources. If the Data source name column in the Data repository is prefixed with ‘http://’ or ‘https://’, the program will be generated as Access=R, Share=R.

Note: Before your browse program starts, the Main program's Task Prefix will execute. If you have code in the Task Prefix that will interfere while you are trying to run browser programs, such as a user timecard, you can disable it by using the RunMode() function.

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Exports (Execute mode) or generates programs designed to export (Generate mode) the data contained in each selected database file. The data is exported to an operating system text file.

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Imports (Execute mode) or generates a program designed to import (Generate mode) data contained in an operating system text file. The data is imported to the database file. The expected structure of the operating system text file is the one created by the Program Generator while using the Export option. The Export and Import options are designed to generate a pair of programs that export and import the same data.

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Prints a Magic xpa data table (Execute mode) or generates a program designed to print a Magic xpa data table (Generate mode). This option is not available for the Execute mode in the Data repository.

Browser Client

Generates a Browser-based program. You can apply an independent template for the generated program.

Rich Client

Generates a Rich Client program.