Oracle (Magic xpi 4.6)

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Oracle (Magic xpi 4.6)

If the database server is located on a different computer, click Select to open the Service list. From the Service list, select the name of the Oracle Database Client for your database. Choose a client and click Select. The Service list closes and you can enter the database user name and password. You must ensure that your user credentials give you sufficient privileges to create the schema.


When configuring Oracle as the internal database, Magic xpi uses an Oracle thin client for its runtime. The installation still uses the fat client that requires the Oracle client installation for the creation of the schema and tables.

In the datasource.xml file, the datasource URL will use the following syntax: jdbc:oracle:thin:@<tns_entry>

For example: jdbc:oracle:thin:@MyTNSAlias

In addition, the installation updates the GigaSpaces/bin/magicxpi-setenv.bat > ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS property with the jvm argument, which contains the path to the folder containing the TNSNAMES.ORA file. For example:

set ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS=%ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS% -Dcom.magicsoftware.ibolt.home=%MAGIC_XPI_HOME%\runtime$ORACLE_HOME/network/admin

Click Next to proceed to the Summary screen.