Setting up ODBC Data Sources (Magic xpi 4.6)

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Setting up ODBC Data Sources (Magic xpi 4.6)

Magic xpi lets you access data from various database management systems using ODBC data sources.

Magic xpi lets you set up data sources for:

  • User DSN (Data Source Name): A User data source is local to a computer and available only to you.

  • System DSN: System data sources are local to a computer but are not user dedicated. Any user with privileges can access a system DSN.

To access database data with an ODBC data source, configure a compatible ODBC driver. You set up drivers for User or System data Sources in Microsoft Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator. You can set up one or both types of data Sources for a project. See this How To for further information on using ODBC.


Make sure that Magic xpi works with the selected driver before using the driver in your project.