Single Instance (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Single Instance (Magic xpa 2.x)

When you are using parallel tasks, and you call a program again, a new instance of the program opens. An example of this is when you open Internet Explorer. The first time you open Internet Explorer, one instance of it opens. When that instance is open and you open Internet Explorer again, a second instance opens. However, sometimes you do not want another instance to open. You want the second call to return to the original instance. This is what Magic xpa's Single Instance task property does. When you select this property and a program is called for a second time, the focus will be set on the already running instance. However, there will be no initialization steps (such as preparing the data view).

When you select the Single Instance task property, the task will behave as follows:

  • If you call a task when it is not yet running, the task will run.
    The Call Prog, Call Exp, and Call By Name operations, Program menu entry, and Select Program property are affected by the Single Instance property.

  • If you call a task while it is already running, the focus will be set on the already running task and the Program Recall internal event will be invoked indicating that the focus was set on the task. This enables you to handle the task in order to refresh the view.

Relevant interfaces: Online and Batch tasks