Text File or HTML File - APG (Magic xpa 3.x)

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Text File or HTML File – APG (Magic xpa 3.x)

The name of the operating system text file to be exported or imported, or the name of the HTML file for the Browser client.

Export or Import

As you select Export or Import in the Option property, Magic xpa automatically determines the name of the exported or imported file. The automatically generated name is the default database table's name with the TXT extension. For example, if you are generating a program for a table called Customers, the text file's name will be Customers.txt..

You can access the Text File property and edit the name. Don't forget to follow your operating system's file naming conventions. The property field allows you to add a path to the name (for example, in Windows and DOS: C:\MYDIR\CUSTOMER). If no path is indicated, Magic xpa assumes the current directory.

If you are performing an import operation, make sure that the table whose name appears in the Text File property exists at the indicated location.

In an export operation, Magic xpa doesn't check the existence of the text file on the disk. If a file of the same name exists, it is overwritten.

Browser Client

When you select Browser client in the Option field, Magic xpa automatically determines the name of the HTML file. You can access the HTML file name field and edit the name.