WSDL Assist (Magic xpa 2.x)

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WSDL Assist (Magic xpa 2.x)

The WSDL Assist dialog box lets you update the Web Service dialog box by selecting an operation from a WSDL file.

From the URL field, you can enter a WSDL file path or press F5 to browse. When a Magic xpa client is accessing a Web server that requires a user name and password, the URL should be HTTP://User:Password@[URL]. You can also use secret names, for example: HTTP://%user_secretname%:%pass_secretname%@[URL].

The operations in the WSDL file are displayed in the WSDL Assist table. The WSDL Assist table includes the following columns:




Magic xpa automatically generates an internal identifier.

Operation name

Magic xpa displays the Operation names entered in the WSDL file. You can modify the name if the argument header is In or In/Out.


This will display either the Remote Process Call or Document style.

History button

Click History to display a list of invoked WSDL files.

To enter the values into the Web Service dialog box:

  • If you select a current WSDL file, choose an operation and click Select.

  • If you have entered the URL for a new WSDL file, press the Tab key and click Select.

WSDL Assist Usage Considerations

You can select only one operation. If no operation is selected, Magic xpa updates the Web Service dialog box with the values from the first operation.

If you are updating values manually in the Invoke Web Service dialog box or by selecting another Web Service operation in the WSDL Assist dialog box, Magic xpa displays a confirmation message to override the current Invoke Web Service values.

Since version:

1.8 SP1